The Firm

The Firm combines the talents of experienced and seasoned partners into a well-rounded Firm representing both business entities and individual clients in a broad range of civil matters.


Diverse Clientele

Historically, the Firm is known locally for its representation of real estate developers, media outlets, health-care providers, banks, contractors, commercial and private litigants, and other diverse business clients. However, the most defining characteristic of the Firm is its broad-based and comprehensive involvement with the legislative, regulatory, business, and governance issues on a statewide and nationwide basis for rural-serving telephone and electric utilities, including both non-profit cooperatives and commercial companies.


Working for Our Clients Beyond the Courtroom

The Firm’s attorneys have been instrumental in crafting legislation for the governing of cooperatives in the State of Texas, in creating new cooperatives, and assisting cooperatives’ boards of directors and management in day-to-day governance and operational issues; representing various telecom and electric clients before the Texas Public Utility Commission, and obtaining in excess of $1 billion in loans from the Rural Utilities Services and other utility national lenders.


In-Depth Knowledge

Complex business ventures and transactions are at the heart of the Firm’s expertise. From detailed sale and acquisition documents, to generation wholesale power agreements, interconnection agreements, policy and employment manuals, and comprehensive rate and tariff regulatory filings, the Firm’s attorneys understand the technical and legal necessities of its sophisticated clients involved in public-utility transactions.


Full-Service Agency

Firm Attorneys include a wide array of experience in every area of civil legal representation — from the drafting of legislation and difficult regulatory filings, advising utility boards of directors through legal and regulatory minefields, to the details of major real estate and business closing transactions; and including addressing clients legal and litigation needs in the courtroom.


Over 110 Years of Cumulative Experience

Both Don R. Richards and Dulan D. Elder have long-time been recognized for their individual specialty legal expertise by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, having more than 75 years of collective experience for their long-term client base. Don is certified in administrative law — dealing with administrative agencies which regulate small business, and governance of boards of directors. Dulan is recognized both statewide and nationwide for his real estate specialization, including residential, farm and ranch and oil and gas. D. Daniel Gibson brings his extensive legislative and regulatory experience and innovative business counsel to a nationwide utility client base. E. Scott Frost adds a wealth of extensive courtroom experience and judicial knowledge with his more than 30 years of litigation as a former Assistant United States Attorney, and as a United States Magistrate Judge to head up the litigation needs of the Firm clients. Scott brings his judicial experience in heading up the civil mediation services for a wide variety of civil disputes.

Established 2004

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